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The Torrfields Brokers Bureau was founded over 70 years ago and since then it has been offering the most complete services of advice and contacting for real estate deals in the United Kingdom. We are esencially a British company with British standards and a British philosophy. You will find the best quality and commitment in all of our agents, and you are guarranteed to reach 100% satisfaction with all our transactions. Decades of experience and hundreds of clients back us up.

What are our services?

At Torrfields Brokers Bureau we are not just a financial advice office, or a real estate broker, or a mortgage and equity release dealer. We are all of that combined and even more. Our complete list of services include:

Real estate experienced brokers with accurate knowledge of the field and excellent negotiation skills to sell your property at top price and get the best offers for you to purchace real estate at a convenient rate. We charge the lowest fees for our service and you will be sure that you get the best price for any transaction. We invite you to compare our rates with our competitors to confirm that this is true.
Preferential deals with renting and leasing agents that will allow you to access special discounts on properties in virtually any major city of the United Kingdom. If you choose to purchase the property that you are leasing, you will access to a even lower fee when you decide to hire our services as your broker and/or counselors.
A complete advice team that will counsel you on matters as diverse as scheduling a mortgage plan, deciding between properties and promoting your house on sale. Some of our agents are professionals in the are of financing and accountancy, and others are best at knowing the real estate market and how to optimize estate trade. We even have engineers and architects who will evaluate properties from their point of view and help you understand the actual value, advangages and disadvantages of the properties you are interested in.
Special contacts with several equity release and mortgage dealers in the market. We can access to special discounts, preferential rates and exclusive low fees for our clients. There is no other way to access to these special benefits. You won't believe the kind of deal that we can arrange for you.
An established network of dealers and brokers of proved efficiency and reliability. Don't get scammed with unnecesarily high fees, poor quality service or bad sellers. We will tell you exactly who you should trust and who you shouldn't. 

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is nothing else I can say but thank you. Torrfields Brokers Bureau is the reason why I have a house now. Just that. Just thank you."
By By Denise Thomas

"You just won't believe how many friends these guys have. And the good kind of friends. Friends who can make you pay less for the same thing. Torrfields Brokers Bureau owns this market. There, I've said it."
By Richard Fields

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